Road engineering geogrid

2023/05/26 14:21

                                                                                                                    Technical advantages

Friction is not prone to generating static electricity. In the underground environment of coal mines, the average surface resistance of plastic mesh is 1 × Below 109 Ω.

Good flame retardancy. It can achieve the flame retardant performance specified in the coal industry standards MT141-2005 and MT113-1995, respectively.

Easy to wash coal. The density of plastic mesh is around 0.92, which is less than the density of water. During the coal washing process, the broken mesh floats on the water surface and is easy to rinse off.

Strong corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

Convenient for construction and transportation. Plastic mesh is relatively soft and should not scratch workers during construction. It also has the advantages of easy curling and bundling, mining grid cutting, and light weight, making it easy to transport, carry, and construct underground.

Strong load-bearing capacity in both vertical and horizontal directions. Due to the fact that this type of plastic mesh is biaxially stretched rather than woven, the creep deformation of the mesh is small, and the mesh size is uniform, which can effectively prevent the falling of coal fragments, protect the safety of underground workers, underground workers, and the safety of mining car operation.

application area 

This product is mainly used as a support material for various tunnels such as anchor bolt tunnels, support tunnels, and anchor spray tunnels during underground coal mining. When used for false roofs, use a combination of two or more layers.

Road engineering geogrid