Geotextile laying process requirements

2023/04/24 12:00

1 、 Base layer inspection: check whether the base layer is flat and solid, if there are foreign objects, should matter without treatment properly.

2、Trial laying: according to the site situation, determine the size of geotextile, cut and test lay, the cut size should be accurate.

3、Check whether the width of the spreading is appropriate, the lap should be flat and the tightness is appropriate.

4、Positioning: use hot air gun to bond the lap part of two geotextiles, the spacing of the bonding point should be suitable.

5、The stitching line should be straight and the stitching should be even when sewing the lap part.

6、After sewing, it should be checked whether the geotextile is laid flat and whether there are defects.

7、If there are any irregularities, it should be repaired in time.