Nonwoven geotextile is a kind of geomaterial made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant synthetic fibers through thermal bonding or needle-punching process, and its role and application scope are as follows:1. Filtration: nonwoven geotextile has good filtration performance, which can block the soil
2024/04/28 14:02
Geotextile is a geotechnical material used for soil reinforcement and protection. The selection of its thickness and specifications directly affects its use effect and economy. Therefore, the correct selection of suitable thickness and specifications is very important for project quality and cost
2024/03/19 14:29
                                                     Materials and uses of geotechnical sandbagsThe materials of geotechnical sandbags usually include the following:High-strength polypropylene (PP) fiber: high-strength polypropylene fiber is the main material for making geosandbags, which has high
2023/07/06 13:41
                                                                                   Main functions and raw materials of geotextile bagsGeopipe bags are an engineering material mainly used for soil consolidation, reinforcement, and protection. It has the following main functions:Preventing soil
2023/06/30 13:41
                                                                                          Materials and uses of geogridsA geogrid is a sheet-like structure made of geosynthetics that is primarily used for soil support, drainage and filtration. The following are commonly used geogrid materials and
2023/06/29 13:54
                                                                        Difference between woven Geotextile and non-woven GeotextileWoven Geotextile and non-woven Geotextile are geosynthetics, but their manufacturing processes and materials are different.Woven Geotextile is made of high-strength
2023/06/23 13:32
                                                                           Do you know the function of HDPE geomembraneOf course, HDPE geomembrane is a geosynthetic material made of high-density polyethylene material, mainly used for anti-seepage isolation, anti-seepage leakage, popularization of
2023/06/22 13:43
                                                                                      The use of geotextile bagsGeotube bags are environmentally friendly materials used in fields such as civil engineering, horticulture, and environmental protection. Their main uses include the following:River
2023/06/16 13:44
                                                                              The importance of auxiliary geotechnical materialsIn civil and construction engineering, the use of auxiliary geotechnical materials can enhance and stabilize the structure of infrastructure such as soil, stone, or water
2023/06/15 13:35
                                                                      The difference between PVC geomembrane and HDPEPVC geomembrane and HDPE are both modern and environmentally friendly materials suitable for civil engineering. The comparison between the two is as follows:Different materials:1.PVC
2023/06/14 13:34
                                                                                                 Characteristics of Geocell1. Lightweight material, wear-resistant, chemically stable, resistant to light oxygen aging, acid and alkali, suitable for different soil and desert geological conditions.2.
2023/05/24 13:33
1、InsulationThat is, the application of filament geotextile to have different chemical properties (particle size, dispersion, mortar consistency and relative density, etc.) of the construction of raw materials (such as sand and sand grains, sand and gravel, sand and soil mix, etc.) to carry out
2023/04/17 17:27