The function and construction scope of non-woven geotextile

2024/04/28 14:02

Nonwoven geotextile is a kind of geomaterial made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant synthetic fibers through thermal bonding or needle-punching process, and its role and application scope are as follows:

1. Filtration: nonwoven geotextile has good filtration performance, which can block the soil particles, so that water can penetrate freely, thus preventing soil particles from being washed away.

2. Protective effect: nonwoven geotextile can effectively increase the tensile strength of the soil, prevent soil loss and loosening, and protect the surface structure from erosion and damage.

3. Reinforcement: Nonwoven geotextile can effectively increase the soil's carrying capacity and stability, used in land remediation, roadbed reinforcement, river embankment protection and other projects.

4. Separation: Nonwoven geotextile can be used to separate the layers of different materials, prevent the coagulation between different materials, and improve the overall stability of the engineering structure.

The function and construction scope of non-woven geotextile The function and construction scope of non-woven geotextile

Application scope: Nonwoven geotextile is widely used in the fields of land engineering construction, railroad, road, water conservancy project, soil and water conservation, gardening, urban greening and so on. It is also commonly used in soil reinforcement, river training, coastal protection, road base reinforcement and other projects.

To summarize, nonwoven geotextile has good filtration, protection, reinforcement and separation functions, with a wide range of applications, it is an important geotechnical material, which provides an effective solution for land engineering and environmental protection.

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