Non-woven geotextile used in highway construction

2024/07/10 15:50


LOCATION: HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION PROJECT BACKGROUND: The complex geologic conditions of the area, with soft soils and susceptibility to landslides and subsidence, posed a challenge to roadway stability.

Project requirements:

1. Improve the bearing capacity and stability of the road subgrade.

2. Prevent soil erosion and water loss.

3. shorten the construction period and reduce the maintenance cost.


1. choose high quality non-woven geotextile with strong tensile strength and anti-permeability.

2. Design a reasonable laying program, according to the road engineering requirements and geological conditions for laying.

3. Combine with other auxiliary materials, such as gravel filler, geogrid, etc., to build a stable roadbed structure.

Construction implementation:

1. Clean and level the roadbed.

2. Lay non-woven geotextile and fix it to ensure leveling and tightness.

3. Carry out covering and compaction of gravel filler.

4. check and monitor the construction quality regularly, adjust and repair in time.

Effect and Achievement:

1. Improved the bearing capacity of the roadbed, enhanced the stability of the roadbed, and effectively prevented foundation settlement and landslide phenomenon.

2. prevented soil erosion and soil erosion, and protected the surrounding ecological environment.

3. It reduces the road maintenance cost and prolongs the service life of the road.

4. Improve the engineering construction efficiency, shorten the construction period, and ensure the progress of the project.

Summarize: Through the reasonable selection of non-woven geotextile and combined with scientific construction program, the soil stability and roadbed bearing capacity problems in the construction of highway have been successfully solved, providing strong support for the successful completion of the project.

Non-woven geotextile used in highway construction