Steel-plastic Composite Geogrid

 Steel-plastic Compisite  Geogrid is made of high-strength steel wire wrapped by high-density polyethylene into high-strength strips. geosynthetic maleriais formed by ultrasonic welding at right angles to the plane and latitude and different mesh diameters according to engineerine necds.Tnumber of wires is used to change the tension of the band.

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1. High strength but lower creep could adapt to various types of environmental soil and fully meet the needs tall retainine wall in hichway.

2.It can effectively improve the interlocking and biting cooperation of the reinforced bearing surface, and greatly enhace the bearing capacity of the foundation effectively restrain the latcral displacement of the soil and enhance the stability of the foundation.

3. Compared with the traditional Ceogrid, it has the characteristics of high strength, strong bcaring capacity, corrosion resistance. anti-aging ,large friction coefficient. uniform hole. long construction. long service life and so on. can adapt to deep sea operations antally solves thtechnical problems of low strength, poor corrosion resistance and short service life caused by other material:used for stone cage erosion due to long-term seawater erosion.

5. lt can effectively avoid the construction that is caused by the crushing and destruction of the machine during the construction process.

Application range: lt can be used for roads railways, embankments, bridges, construction accesents spinning dykes, dams, beach treatment, freight yards, clearance, airports, sportoads. docks.revetmieids, cnvironmentally-fiendly buildings, soil foundation reinforcement, retaining walls, Civil engincerinsuch as slope protection and road surface resistance.

Product Performance Standards:

Steel-plastic Composite Geogrid

Equipment of One-way Stretch Plastic Geogrid

Steel-plastic Composite GeogridSteel-plastic Composite Geogrid

Packing of One-way Stretch Plastic Geogrid

Steel-plastic Composite Geogrid Steel-plastic Composite Geogrid

Construction of One-way Stretch Plastic Geogrid

Steel-plastic Composite GeogridSteel-plastic Composite Geogrid

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